Serbian Journal of Management 7 (2) (2012)


Mladen Velev
Faculty of Management
Technical University of Sofia
8, St. Kl. Ohridski Blvd
bl. 3, office 3237
tel.:(+359 2) 965 2994
fax: (+359 2) 868 5284
Prof. Dr. Mladen Velev is Dean of
Faculty of Management, Technical
University of Sofia, Bulgaria.
He gained a PhD degree in 1989 and was
awarded the title of Associate Professor in
the scientific field of “Economics and
Management” in 199. In 2006 he was
granted the title of Full Professor in the
scientific field of “Organization and
Management of Production”.
He teaches the subjects of “Marketing”,
“Management of Marketing”, “Marketing
Communications”, “Economics of the
Enterprise” and others.
He has been on specialization courses in
England, Wales, Belgium, Germany, France,
USA, Russia, Ukraine and other countries.
From 2001 to 2011 he was Head of the
Department of “Economics, Industrial
Engineering and Management” at the

Faculty of Management and since 2011 he
has been the Dean of the Faculty of
Management at the Technical University.
He has participated in a great number of
scientific research projects, both national and
international, in the field of marketing,
management and economics of the
enterprise. He has also taken part in a
number of international educational projects.
He has been involved in consultancy work.
He has more than 150 scientific
publications, which include 17 textbooks and
10 monographs.
He is the Editor-in-Chief of the scientific
journal of “Industrial Management”
published by the Faculty of Management.
He is the Chair of the Bulgarian
Association of Lecturers in Economics and
Management in Industry.

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